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I said in my haste”All men are liars” (Psalms 116:11)

His fault is a common one–hasty words, hasty charges. Many things precipitate fast speech: Illness. Tormented by suffering, we may say things we would not normally say. Feeling neglected, we may be tempted to impugn the character of others. Disappointment. Occasionally we shall be disappointed in others. We may reach the hasty conclusion that all persons are liars and cheats. But no one instance should indict the whole race. Projection. A charge against another may be only the expression of one’s own guilt. Anger. Rash words come fast from hot tempers. Ignorance. It’s faster and easier to assassinate character than to investigate. Hate. Give the hater the slightest chance and he will jam the air waves with calumny; and if the chance doesn’t come, he will make it. Protection. One may accuse another of lying to protect himself in his own lies.

In conclusion, “be slow to speak.” And if it’s something bad about somebody else, be a thousand times slower.

“Do not be rash with your mouth and let not your heart utter anything hastily before God…” (Ecclesiastes 5:2)

I don’t care to recount the times I have uttered hasty words for whatever reason…I am just so thankful for God’s awesome mercy towards me. Not that I take that as a license to sin, I want to be careful with my words, actions, and attitude always, but I fail miserably more times than I care to admit…

I read this interview with one of the 33 Chilean miners, Mario Sepúlveda, trapped half a mile below ground. He was the second one to surface after 69 days!. We had been praying for all of them, like so many other people around the world were, so now to hear some of their stories makes us realize even more the importance of being faithful to intercede for others. Prayer is so powerful and so unbounded.

Anyway, one of the things this guy was saying goes so well with Psalm 116:11. He tells how for 14 days they were in complete darkness, ‘there was no night and no day,’ he says. They begged God to help them, and He did! In his interview, speaking for the first time of the ordeal, he was breaking, he said, their self-imposed  ‘Pact of Silence,’ because he felt ‘there were certain things which need to be told.’

He said he wants the world to know what went on down there, after being swallowed into the bowels of hell and being now being reborn, he felt it his duty to tell what went on and the lessons he learned. He cries as he tells the remarkable story of survival. Mario felt he needed to ‘sort of break’ their “pact of silence” because of the rumors that were circulating.

We can clearly see, by his story, how men of any age, race, status, etc., can utter hasty words, or act in a way he can later regret under extreme circumstances, as the ones Mario is describing in his interview. He talks about the ‘inhume’ conditions down there, the ground was constantly wet, it was weltering hot (92F), the humidity made it hard for them to breath, the air was so bad their eyes were burning all the time, they were all coughing. So yes, he says they were so depressed and some of them would ‘cry like babies,’ at times.

There are things, he says, he will never talk about, only because they would embarrass their children, and also to protect the younger and more vulnerable ones that were down there with them. He says, unlike the rumors, nothing sexual went on, but some of them did act like children, and that is what he won’t talk about…

Anyway, fearing they would starve to death in their underground tomb, in such darkness and oppressive heat, feeling the devil was down there with them, scared and worried they would have a horrible death by dehydration, made them, I am sure,  utter hasty words.

I love this verse, as I have quoted it before, For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust” (Psalms 103:14).


imageRogelio & Doña Lupita

Warren & Jennifer were here with another couple that brought their two teenage children. They did a cement floor and the roof for Doña Lupita’s house and painted the interior, (she is an old, neat lady from Mezquital, Tesia). We were blessed to have Warren and the rest as this is Warren’s 103rd missionary trip to Mexico, the last ones (I don’t know how many) have been to our ranch. My highest respects for Warren. They left yesterday early morning. The Lord is so faithful in sending us His servants to work alongside us and encourage us on.


Full moon the other night when we drove to Las Minitas for our Friday night Bible study there. We had our grandchildren with us as Roshon was taking a sewing class in Alamos. Obed loves the moon and was fascinated watching it on our way there and back, it was so cute to see, he loves the fish too.


We had a new lady come to our monthly women’s Bible study in Jíjiri yesterday. Her name is Juana. A few months ago she was diagnosed with a weird disease caused by pesticides as she worked in the fields. The diseaseIt affects her blood platelets, along with red cells and plasma, platelets form a major proportion of both human and animal blood. In a healthy body the count of platelets is approximately 4.2-6.1 million, and she was telling us her count goes down to 3,000 sometimes… and she feels real bad when this happens. Anyway, I am always amazed how when we are in a great need we remember the Lord. I am so thankful for that…


Daniel’s perspective: Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it (1 Corinthians 10:12-13).

I have heard of three people in my days that have received prophecies saying that they are the “John the Baptist” for the second coming of Christ. It’s always amazing to me to hear someone say this as John the Baptist never even claimed to be the prophet that was to come. Jesus made the claim for him.

In all three cases, it has ended poorly for the ones that have received this prophecy. Two are dead. One was a former pastor from Calvary Chapel that broke away and had a large following. Once this prophecy was made, it was a short time after that he was gone. The other , William Marrion Branham, died in a car accident in 1965. And the last was a personal friend who told me about the prophecy given over him. I warned him about the first two and told him to run. He didn’t and his life and ministry became a train wreck. So, it was odd when on my way to a few different Bible studies this week I felt like the Lord wanted me to speak like John the Baptist. Okay, so now it’s me! (I’m just kidding of course). What I felt  Him telling me was that the message that He is coming very soon and that people need to quit having faith in their religion and resting on their records, is of vital importance.

We have been going to San Antonio almost every week for almost ten years. There are only a hand full of believers there, but we will keep going anyway until the Lord tells us otherwise. But what we are trying to do, and we need your prayers for this, is to speak to the whole community of the truth and let them know that they are rejecting that truth on  a weekly basis and relying on a lie that the “father of lies” has been telling them all their lives. For those of you who think that it’s just to each his own, well that’s true too, but our job is to make sure they know that the decision is about eternal life verses eternal judgment.

So, back to all of the guys that are dead that were supposed to be the front runners for Jesus second return, what I felt the Lord was putting on my heart can be described to people who have seen the movie “Spartacus” very easily. A slave, turned gladiator, turned leader of a rebellion of slaves, upon finally being defeated and captured, is given the ultimatum of identifying himself to save the others that of fates crueler than death. When he is ready to identify himself, everyone stands up and starts saying, “I am Spartacus!” Okay, I don’t think that any of us should start saying that we are John the Baptist or Elijah, (except of course, Elijah himself), but I do think that all of us that believe in Jesus as Savior, should be calling on people everywhere like : “THE VOICE OF ONE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS: ‘PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD; MAKE HIS PATHS STRAIGHT.” (Mark 1:3).

So, if He is speaking the same to you, don’t delay, because He is coming soon!

God bless you all,

Daniel & Ana

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